MDS specializes in providing planning, management and evaluation services to address complex market development challenges. Our diverse experience across market and private sector development comprises of the following services.

Project Planning and Management

MDS services encompass all the steps involved in a project cycle including diagnostic/feasibility studies, project planning/designing, project implementation, monitoring/evaluation, impact/performance assessments.

Survey, Studies and Assessments

MDS offers demand driven services to meet the demand for conducting thematic studies and assessments including but not limited to designing of surveys/studies, development of tools, analysis and compilation of report. The distinct feature of our services is the use of innovative approaches such as the use of online survey software, toolkits and application of mixed methods.

Capacity building

MDS offer standard and tailored training programs catering to the needs of the development sector. Our training courses address the requirements / compliances of various donors with regard to planning, contractual matters, procurement in addition to generic themes of market development, value chain analysis, enterprise development and project planning and management.

Market Linkages

MDS offers services to beneficiaries of development projects gaining increased access to high-end markets. This is achieved through strengthening of networks, organization of exhibitions/expo and conducting marketing trials as well as customer feedback surveys.